The Peak U Program will help your employees reach their peak potential.

Reggie Jackson, Founder and CEO, Peak-U

Research shows that healthier employees are better employees.

With Peak U
you can offer your employees:

Exercise Variety

We offer on-site demonstrations of simple ways to get the blood pumping

Your employees, and their families will gain membership to the Peak U online fitness portal where they can find pre-recorded videos teaching targeted workouts

And we’ll provide livestreamed workouts led by Reggie himself.

Diet Manage­ment

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And from time to time, we’ll coordinate with you to offer a meal prepared by a personal chef. Proof that eating healthy can be delicious!

Healthy Motivation

We’ll send your employees reminder messages encouraging them to start well, continue well, and finish well as they pursue their personal peak fitness.

Reggie Jackson has provided specialized physical fitness training for more than a decade

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